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Saving Water in the Garden – Are you doing your bit?


“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

Water conservation is an increasingly important topic in our shrinking world, but one which isn’t always taken as a number one priority in the unsettled climate of the UK! I think this needs to take precedent because gardens are the backbone of our homes and without water, life will not find a way. Are you doing enough to save water this summer?

Please have a look at our graphic below and enjoy.

Saving Water in the Garden - Are you doing your bit

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Automatic Plant Pot Watering

Stake Ajustable Drippers

If you wish to water plant pots, then the following set-up is the best method to distribute the water. This system may also be used for hanging baskets, but they tend to use 4mm micro supply pipe and fittings more frequently.

In this scenario, we have a house with 6 pots around the perimeter, with 2 at the front of the house and 4 around the back. The tap is situated at the rear of the property and the systems needs to be automated, however the owner also wants the ability to fill their watering can up without unplugging the the system from time to time.

In order to calculate the amount of pipe and fittings you require, measure the distance from the tap past all of the pots that need to be watered. This can be in a single run or in this instance we “T” off from the tap so the 13mm main supply pipe will travel to the rear and the front of the property, the distance measures 25 metres including the bends that are needed within the run to make a neat job. Then at the point the pipe runs past your pots you would use a hole punch to create an outlet for the water to branch off into micro supply pipe. This will carry the water to your pots and is released using a dripper. there are a great range of drippers available but in this scenario we are using Stake Adjustable Drippers, which provide the option to increase the water volume and are more secure with a built in stake.

So what do you need?

That’s all you need, it’s that simple.


Installing a Drip Line Irrigation System

If you wish to water a hedge, tree line, border or vegetable patch – a Drip Line system is the best for your requirements

For this scenario, we will have a house with a 50 metre long hedge or border that goes around the garden. However it is also broken up by areas of grass, paths or patio. The same method can be used for other scenario’s though.

In order to calculate the amount of pipe and fittings you require, measure the total distance from the tap past all of the items we need to water. The total is 75 metres, of which 50 metres requires watering and 25 metres is the route we need to take to get to the area to be watered or is a length that goes under a path or area that we don’t want to water. So we now have 2 different requirements, we have 50 metres to be watered and 25 metres of non watering.

So what do we need?

  • Tap Splitter – 3 Way Brass – This allows the timer to be connected to the tap and allows the tap to still be used for other applications (filling a bucket and attaching a garden hose);
  • Claber Logica Timer – Easy to program timer that connects straight onto the Tap Splitter (can also attach straight to the tap if a tap splitter is not required);
  • Claber Anti-Leak Tap/Timer Connector – This allows the main hose to be connected to the timer/tap;
  • 25 Metres of the 13m main supply hose, this is the hose that does not drip;
  • 50 Metres of drip line, this hose drips along its length and can be snaked through the area to be watered;
  • Anti-Leak Straight Connectors allow you to switch between the Drip and Non Drip hose, these two hoses are the same diameter so just cut the non drip pipe, insert a straight connector then insert the drip hose and away you go. Reverse the procedure to go back to main supply pipe (non drip hose);
  • A few Anti-Leak Elbows are required (to avoid obstacles) and an Anti-Leak Stop End to terminate the run;
  • Then just add a few pipe stakes to hold the pipe in place and some clips/ties to make the installation neat and tidy.

That’s all you need, it’s that simple.

Product Review : Claber Complete Lawn Watering Kit

Claber Colibri Lawn Sprinkler

This kit covers 50 square metres and comes with 4 x 180 degree and 1 x 360 degree pop-ups as well as pipe, fittings and connectors. The kits can also be connected together if there is a great enougb pressure and flow rate, watering an area of up to 200 square metres.

This is one of the easiest and most effective kits we have installed and it is ideal for small gardens. This system is unique in both the ease of installation and the cost effectiveness. This kit uses innovative low pressure jets that pop-up when watering your lawn and then retract out of harms way when finished. This means not only will it be able to run off taps with lower pressures without being detrimentally affected, but it will remain out of sight when not in use, and out of the way when the lawn is being mowed.


  • Simple installation with guide on the box;
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of 50 square metres of your lawn;
  • Good value for money.


  • System layout is only designed for a square or rectangular shaped garden;
  • Heads are prone to sticking from grit, a collar guard would provide protection.


If you are looking to get an automatic watering system for your lawn but don’t have the money to splash out on a professional system and installation, this is kit for you. With everything needed to get going, there is no chance of missing something off of your shopping list. You do need to have a minimum of 3 bar water pressure to run this kit and a minimum of 15 litres/min water flow rate. to find out how to measure you water flow rate, check out our guides. If you don’t have the minimum requirement, the kit will not work.


Build Quality
Ease Of Use SB
Functionality SB
Value For Money SB
Overall SB

Product Review : Hozelock Drip Irrigation Kit Deluxe 2756

Hozelock Deluxe Auto Watering Kit 2756Hozelock AC Plus timer 2700Hozelock 2756

The Hozelock Drip Irrigation kit deluxe is a complete automatic watering starter kit. It contains everything you need to automatically water up to 20 containers or hanging baskets. It can be extended and upgraded with the purchase of additional components. This kit contains

  • Hozelock AC Plus water computer. Battery powered water timer that controls when the automatic watering system turns on and off.
  • Hozelock pressure regulator. This attaches to the bottom of the Hozelock AC Plus water timer and connects to the 13mm pipeline.
  • 15 metres of Hozelock 13mm main supply pipe. This acts as the main supply line and carries the water around all the garden. Can be extened with the purchase of additional pipe.
  • 10 metres of Hozelock 4mm micro supply pipe. This connects onto the 13mm main supply pipe and takes water to the plants.
  • 20 of the Hozelock 4lph pressure compensating drippers. These attach to the 4mm micro supply pipe and regulate the release of water to the plant.
  • End caps, elbows, tees, wall fixings, pipe stakes and instructions are also supplied.

You can also choose the Hozelock Drip Irrigation Kit Maxi 2755 version which is exactly the same but without a timer, so you can choose your own timer or use the system manually. The Maxi kit is also ideal to use as an extension to the Deluxe.


Simple to use garden watering kit, saves water, time and effort, and simply connects to an outside tap. This kit will water 20 small containers or 10 large containers, or a 10m long hedge or a 5m x 2m border. The instructions are clear and concise and the parts are easy to put together. To set up the system, it is as easy as:

  • Attach the water timer to the tap and fit pressure regulator to outlet
  • Run the main supply pipe past all the plants you wish to water and cap off any loose ends
  • Cut and connect a small length of the micro supply pipe to the main supply at each plant location
  • Run the micro supply pipe to the plant root and attach a pressure compensating dripper

The hardest part of setting up this kit is keeping it neat and tidy, which unfortunately is down to the installer to decide how this is done. If you’ve never set up a drip irrigation system before then this kit will be ideal for you as it has full instructions. Once you’ve set up you system, you can easily extend it to incorporate more of you garden without any fuss. This really is ideal for novice installers and no other kit can match it for its comprehensiveness or simplicity.


Build Quality
Ease Of Use SB
Functionality SB
Value For Money SB
Overall SB