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Installing a Drip Line Irrigation System

If you wish to water a hedge, tree line, border or vegetable patch – a Drip Line system is the best for your requirements

For this scenario, we will have a house with a 50 metre long hedge or border that goes around the garden. However it is also broken up by areas of grass, paths or patio. The same method can be used for other scenario’s though.

In order to calculate the amount of pipe and fittings you require, measure the total distance from the tap past all of the items we need to water. The total is 75 metres, of which 50 metres requires watering and 25 metres is the route we need to take to get to the area to be watered or is a length that goes under a path or area that we don’t want to water. So we now have 2 different requirements, we have 50 metres to be watered and 25 metres of non watering.

So what do we need?

  • Tap Splitter – 3 Way Brass – This allows the timer to be connected to the tap and allows the tap to still be used for other applications (filling a bucket and attaching a garden hose);
  • Claber Logica Timer – Easy to program timer that connects straight onto the Tap Splitter (can also attach straight to the tap if a tap splitter is not required);
  • Claber Anti-Leak Tap/Timer Connector – This allows the main hose to be connected to the timer/tap;
  • 25 Metres of the 13m main supply hose, this is the hose that does not drip;
  • 50 Metres of drip line, this hose drips along its length and can be snaked through the area to be watered;
  • Anti-Leak Straight Connectors allow you to switch between the Drip and Non Drip hose, these two hoses are the same diameter so just cut the non drip pipe, insert a straight connector then insert the drip hose and away you go. Reverse the procedure to go back to main supply pipe (non drip hose);
  • A few Anti-Leak Elbows are required (to avoid obstacles) and an Anti-Leak Stop End to terminate the run;
  • Then just add a few pipe stakes to hold the pipe in place and some clips/ties to make the installation neat and tidy.

That’s all you need, it’s that simple.