Product Review : Claber Dual Select – 8488

Claber Dual Select - 8488

This dual outlet water timer from Claber was released in 2012 and is a much needed addition to their range as they had only one dual outlet timer before this. This type of timer is generally used with systems requiring to be split into two watering zones. Designed to be user friendly with good functionality, this modern looking water timer is suitable for any novice looking to set up a large automatic watering system.

Claber confirms itself as a leading company for the technology, user-friendliness and reliability of its products, with their new battery-powered water timers controlling two lines. Their previous version, the Claber Duplo was very popular and one of the only of its kind available in the UK. With this new offering, Claber have managed to make setting up a watering system even more simple. Programming the Claber Dual Select is done with just two buttons and can give a choice of up to 98 different preset programmes plus a manual function. The backlit display is useful during set up as it makes it easier to read than the previous version and the clear cover enables users to quickly see information. We also like the reduction in energy usage. Instead of requiring a 9 volt battery like the Claber Duplo, it required only two AA batteries.


  • Brilliant build quality and thought through design
  • Simple two button set up for each line
  • Can be used in conjunction with the new wireless RF Rain Sensor
  • Low energy usuage
  • Ideal for domestic and professional use


  • The style is very modern and might not suit some tastes
  • Although very good quality, the cost is a lot more than older model


A very pleasing timer with the simplicity and efficiency you would expect from a well engineered piece of kit. The modern design might take some getting used to and may not suit some tastes, but putting looks aside this is a very good water timer and can easily be installed and set up by gardeners and installers of all abilites. If you’re in the market for a cheaper priced dual outlet timer though, I would pick the Claber Duplo.


Build Quality
Ease Of Use SB
Functionality SB
Value For Money SB
Overall SB

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