Product Review : Claber Drip Irrigation Kit

Claber Drip Starter KitClaber Logica Balcony Plus

The Claber drip starter kits are great for people who wish to quickly and simply install a drip irrigation system to feed there plant containers, windowsill trays, hanging baskets or even a flower bed. Each kit can water up to 20 plants at once and the kits are easily extended and can be controlled with a water timer (provided with some of the kits). The core contents of the kits include

  • 20 metres of micro irrigation tube
  • 20 in-line irrigation drippers (adjustable)
  • 3 micro flow controls
  • A pressure regulator and tap connectors
  • 5 micro tee connectors
  • 20 micro tube stakes
  • 10 micro blanking plugs

You can either choose from the:


These are very simple kits and are easy to set up. Starting from the tap, you attach the water timer (if you are using one), then run micro tube from the timer to the first plant, attach a dripper, then from that plant run to the next, then attach another dripper and so on. This is known as a daisy chain set up. The drippers are adjustable so you can choose the rate the water is released. Stakes are included to help secure the pipe in place at each plant.The micro tee connectors are included so you can branch the pipe into different directions and the micro blanking plugs are for capping the end of the run (or fixing mistakes).


All in all this kit provides all the basics required to get going, and extending is easy enough by just buying the Extendable kit. I would definately recommend this for the novice installer who isn’t quite sure on what is required to set up a drip irrigation system.

Build Quality
Ease Of Use SB
Functionality SB
Value For Money SB
Overall SB

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