How to Keep Your Garden or Allotment Watered – Soaker Hose

The weather is fine and you are unable to spend time watering your precious plants – perhaps on holiday or just away for the day? How can you be sure enough water is reaching your plants to ensure their growth and well being? There are two products to consider: Soaker Hose It looks just like a […]

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Easy Watering Design Service

We will be improving our irrigation system design service for 2012. First of all we intend to make it simpler for our customers to contact us by email or by phone. We will develop a simple form to fill in, which will aid us in determining your requirements quickly, which in turn will speed up […]

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Installing a Drip Line Irrigation System

If you wish to water a hedge, tree line, border or vegetable patch – a Drip Line system is the best for your requirements For this scenario, we will have a house with a 50 metre long hedge or border that goes around the garden. However it is also broken up by areas of grass, […]

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Product Review : Hozelock Drip Irrigation Kit Deluxe 2756

The Hozelock Drip Irrigation kit deluxe is a complete automatic watering starter kit. It contains everything you need to automatically water up to 20 containers or hanging baskets. It can be extended and upgraded with the purchase of additional components. This kit contains Hozelock AC Plus water computer. Battery powered water timer that controls when […]

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