Preparing Your Garden Storage for Spring

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Your living room is spotless, the kitchen reorganised, and even the kid’s rooms are tidy with everything in its proper place. But now the hard work begins – The garden shed. Home of not quite broken toys, never-used tools, and an endless supply of half empty aerosol cans and paint tins. It is the last bastion of clutter that year after year remains undefeated. Whatever the reason there are some very simple steps you can take to ensure that the garden shed is restored to its original state and remains a hazard free environment.

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Product Review : Hozelock Rain Sensor 2702

The Hozelock Rain Sensor is used to detect rain and shut off the Hozelock AC Pro water timer to prevent over watering of the garden. This comes in the Hozelock AC Pro and Rain Sensor Kit 2703 and can be purchased separately to upgrade the Hozelock AC Pro water timer 2701 at a later date. This is […]

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Product Review : Hozelock Auto Reel

The Hozelock auto reel is wall mounted, and automatically retracts the hose after watering has been completed simply by walking the hose back. The auto reels are available in hose lengths of 10 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres and 40 metres. The Hozelock auto reels range are clever pieces of kit for using hose around the garden. […]

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UK Drought around the Corner?

There are fears in the UK of a large drought for 2012 and for years to come. Water shortages can normally lead to one dreaded outcome: a hose pipe ban. How can we ensure that our gardens continue to get the water that they need without using the hose pipe? Below is a quick outline […]

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Product Review : Hozelock Drip Irrigation Kit Deluxe 2756

The Hozelock Drip Irrigation kit deluxe is a complete automatic watering starter kit. It contains everything you need to automatically water up to 20 containers or hanging baskets. It can be extended and upgraded with the purchase of additional components. This kit contains Hozelock AC Plus water computer. Battery powered water timer that controls when […]

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Product Review : 4 Way Tap Connector – 2150

The Hozelock 4 way tap connector, converts a single tap into 4 taps, each with its own flow control. It can be used to connect two water computers to one tap with the remaining two outlets used for hose pipes, or all four outlets can be used for hose pipes. Comes complete with a wall […]

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Product Review : Hozelock AC Plus 2700 Timer

Single outlet water timer Simple Programming with dial and button’s Up to 4 watering cycles Operates on two C style batteries The AC Plus water timer from Hozelock is the most popular water timer in the UK. With its simplicity and functionality, this definitely offers the best value for money. Programming is simple with a 4 […]

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Hozelock Pressure Washers

Easy cleaning with the new Hozelock High Pressure Washer 130• Towing in comfort: the High Pressure Washer 150 • The Heavy Duty Pressure Washer 150 with 8m steel-armored hose: ideal for cleaning large vehicles, patios and driveways • The Compact Pressure Washer 100 is light and convenient, from storage, the lance is ready to use in […]

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Heavy Duty Metal Option for Hozelock Tap and Hose Fittings

Hozelock add pro metal connectors to the gardeners armoury Watering specialist Hozelock has introduced a semi-professional range of metal hose and tap fittings for gardeners who want a heavy duty, damage-resistant watering equipment. Pro metal tap connectors, a double male connector and a double ended hose repair connector with anti-kink hose tail on both ends […]

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Hozelocks New Product Range

After meeting with Hozelock today, we can reveal that Hozelock have revamped their entire range of Garden Hose Pipe and Auto Rewind Hose Reel’s. They have also rolled out the new Pressure washers (previously only sold in B&Q) The most impressive product offering we saw was the new Hozelock Auto Reel 40m 2595, the first […]

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